The Seychelles Trading Company (STC) was created in March 2008 and is fully owned by the Government, however not dependent on the Government Budget.

STC is one of the fastest growing FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Company and is currently the major importer and wholesaler in the Seychelles, trading in branded and non branded products from reputable international sources.

Since its creation in 2008, STC has been engaging in various commercial operations and currently it specializes in Wholesale services, Retail (recent additions of new product ranges including healthy foods as well as introduction of house hold items), Construction Materials, Distributions, Duty Free & Gift Shop and Light Manufacturing (value added activities namely the tea and coffee factory, toilet paper and kitchen towel production and bakery). STC have shops on all main islands.

Business operations include warehousing; distribution; building materials; manufacturing; retail; wholesale.

The Mission of STC is to be the consumers’ best choice when looking for value they can trust, by:

•Providing quality goods and services within the reach of every household in Seychelles

•Exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders

•Being supported by a committed and professional workforce

STC aims at delivering the best quality products and services to customers and providing value for money whilst also ensuring that STC remains the number one choice for the Seychellois people.

Supported by several years of experience and a strong network of professionals, STC offers its customers a comprehensive product range from various kinds of meat, fruits and vegetables, dry goods and non-food items. We negotiate rates to maintain high competitiveness and regularly import new products on the local market.

STC imports department is always looking for new and innovative food and non-food products such as specialty food, health and well-being, home wares, kitchen wares, toys but also for suppliers who can supply good quality basic commodities (sunflower oil, powder milk, onions, potatoes, red lentils, flour, sugar, rice, margarine, salt) at a reasonable cost.

STC is looking for potential suppliers or producers from all over the world, who are willing to build mutually beneficial partnership with us. We are importing from different countries around the globe, including Africa, Europe, USA, China and other Asian countries, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and UAE. We are diversifying the suppliers with the aim of obtaining a diverse quality of goods at affordable prices and ensuring the availability of most goods at all time.

To achieve theses aims, we often go directly to the source, visiting factories and meeting with suppliers. Several weeks per year, the imports department staff and the CEO are devoting time to attend fairs and exhibitions around the world to ensure STC remains at the cutting edge and are able to source new products and negotiate prices.

The imports department is composed of purchasing officers, buyers and product managers who are specialized in each sector (perishable and dry goods). This leads to more accurate sourcing in terms of cost and quality.