Seychelles is the secret dream of every person. Who among us has not dreamed at least once to be in the arms of the azure waves of the sea or bask in the sun on the hot sand under the shadow of the age-old palm trees? No wonder people call this wonderful corner of the Earth Garden of Eden, because all year round Seychelles have a gentle sun and the sea is incredibly clear and warm, even if on the other side of the world hurricanes and winter storms are raging. The islands lay on the equator and there is no inherent tropical rainy season, but the heat do not seem to be annoying and hard to bear because the ocean is very close.

The Government of Seychelles welcomes purchase of real estate on the islands by foreign citizens and business investment. Policies aimed at attracting foreign investment, so if you decide to purchase a house or other real estate in the resort area or to start a business, you should have no problem. Another interesting fact is that on the islands are very few luxury hotels with the highest level of service.

And if you are a supporter of good relaxation and comfort, better buy a little house here or an apartment. This will allow you to forever forget about the need to stay in inexpensive hotels. Another advantage of owning real estate in the Seychelles – an opportunity to lease it, to those tourists who wish to have a good rest during the peak tourist season. The most popular time among tourists from April to June and from September to November, as this is the period between the dry and wet seasons. For a foreigner tax on the purchase of real estate will be: processing fee of 1.5% of purchase; Sanctions tax of 11%; stamp duty of 5%. Investing in real estate in the Seychelles quickly pays for itself.

The project “Seychelles in Russian” will help you find the home of your dreams.